In 2016, Ichabod's Cranium debuted its first play, PORN ROCK, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Written and Produced by Lawrence Meyers, and Directed by Frederick King Keller, the production was a condensed adaptation of the infamous 1985 U.S. Senate hearings regarding controversial lyrics and imagery in rock music. The show won two major awards: Theatre Unleashed's "Most Unleashed" show, and The Tracy Collins Funniest Girl Award, in memory of the passing of one of TU's most talented performers.

PORN ROCK starred Elizabeth Dement, Liesel Kopp, Don Schlossman, Drew Fitzsimmons, Scott Nelson, Terry Tocantins, Dennis Delsing, and Edgar Allan Poe IV.   Gregory Crafts appeared in the Theatre Unleashed remount.

2017 saw the groundbreaking immersive-proscenium hybrid production of DARK ARTS.  Written and Produced by Lawrence Meyers, the triptych began with an immersive/interactive prelude, followed by a traditional proscenium show, and concluded with an immersive/interactive finale.  


DARK ARTS starred Stephanie Hyden and Lawrence Meyers for the immersive portions.  They were joined in the proscenium show by Terence Leclere, Toni Perotta, Damien Gerard, Elizabeth Dement, and Erika Quintana.  Rotating throughout the FINALE were Richard Abraham, Erika Quintana, Damien Gerard, Chris Miller, Gregory Crafts, and Dennis Delsing.

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